Human Resources

Taiwan Incorporation Payroll Services

Employees Payroll Basic Services and Fees   No. Description Duration 1 Calculation of staff labor insurance Monthly 2 Calculation of staff health insurance Monthly 3 Calculation of staff retirement pension Monthly 4 Calculation of staff salary Monthly 5 Prepare payroll slip of employee, provide a total amount of monthly salary to the accounting staff to release the salary Monthly 6 Prepare pay advice of each employee Monthly 7 Send the pay advice to the employee through email individually (Client please provide the email address of employee to us) Monthly 8 Declaration of withholding and non-withholding statement Yearly 9 Prepare and print withholding statement Yearly 10 2nd Generation of National Health Insurance Service (NHI) (1)Recognition of  items to be deducted Monthly (2)Calculate 2nd Generation NHI payable by employer and employee and prepare the insurance payment slip Monthly (3)Prepare 2nd Generation NHI withholding statement, for employees to declare the individual income tax […]

Hong Kong Human Resource and Payroll Services

Human resources and compensation management is a complex and time-consuming job which requires details and high level of accuracy. A comprehensive and an efficient Human Resources Report is critical for the improvement of performance and productivity. The Human Resources and Compensation Outsourcing Services of Kaizen aims to reduce the burden of client’s daily administrative work and ensuring a timely and effective support.   As a professional accounting firm, Kaizen provides comprehensive compensation outsourcing services to both corporate clients and their employees, including but not limited to payment of salaries, analysis of compensation performances, maintenance of employees’ enrolment and resignation records, analysis of payroll reports, registration and payment of pension funds (MPF) and the filing of corporate/personal income tax returns.   Our professional team will tailor make compensation management solutions to meet the needs of companies with different scales. We are committed to providing our clients with professional, high efficiency, high […]

Employer’s Return (ER)

Filing Employer’s Return The Employer’s Return for the year of assessment 2003/2004 was issued to all employers on 2 April 2002. All employers are required to furnish the return within one month from the date of issue. That is, the return must be furnished on or before 1 May 2004 unless an application for extension in writing is filed with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) on or before 1 May 2004. A complete set of annual employer’s return of remuneration and pensions contains a form BIR56A and forms IR56B. Before you complete the return, you should read carefully the “Notes and Instructions” given on the form BIR56A. A “NIL” return of BIR56A is still required even if you have no employees or pensioners chargeable to Salaries Tax. To avoid duplication in reporting employee’s income, no annual return form IR56B is required for those employees whom a form IR56F or IR56G […]

Singapore EntrePass Application Fee

1. Singapore Entrepass Application The EntrePass is for foreign entrepreneurs who plan to set up a business in Singapore. The entrepreneur has to be actively involved in running the business in Singapore. Candidates can also apply for this type of pass in case they registered a business in Singapore not longer than 6 months ago with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Kaizen assists you in the development and compilation of all necessary documents and forms for the EntrePass. We will then process your application with the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. The process will take 3-4 weeks. 2. Our fees Our fees for handling the applcaition for Entrepass is SGD1,500 excluding any out-of-pocket expenses. Please note a Business Plan is required to be submited for this purpose. We can draft the business plan for your for a fee of SGD1,000. The total in this case therefore would be […]

Our Other China Business Services

Working Visa Application and Renewal A valid visa ensures your entry and a legal stay in China .. To apply or extend a visa for your expatriate employees, you need to go to different government bodies, such as the labor authority, public bureau, etc. Our people can assist you in handling these documents and procedures, enabling you to focus on your business development. Employment Contract You may have an employment contract template at your head office. However, you can expect many differences between it and a “should-be” employment contract as required by Chinese law. A well-structured employment contract can not only protect you and your employee’s interests, but also avoid any unnecessary penalties due to failure of compliance of prevailing Chinese labor laws and regulations. Our experts who are versed in Chinese labor and tax laws can either draft an employment contact for you from scratch or review your employment […]

Our China Payroll and HR Services

Payroll & Benefits Administration Services This is the most commonly outsourced HR function and involves monthly payroll processing as well as the calculation of monthly employer and employees’ social benefits contributions to the relevant Chinese authorities. Kaizen assists businesses in China in the following areas: Social security accounts initial setup Payroll calculation and distribution in RMB Social benefits filing and payment on monthly basis e-payslip self-service Personnel file maintenance / update Hiring / termination registration Salary statistics reporting Yearly base adjustment for social insurance Yearly base adjustment for housing fund HR Administration & Consulting Services China’s employment environment is complex due to the need to integrate national laws and local policies. Kaizen helps businesses develop internal HR policies, induction kits, handbooks, etc., as well as assist the clients in the following areas: Work Permit (WP) and Residence Permit(RP) application services for expatriates F Visa application Labour contract / secondment agreement […]

Our Taiwan Payroll and Human Resources Services

Payroll & Benefits Administration Services We could provide monthly salary calculation and distribution services for Taiwan enterprises, including calculation of labor insurance, National Health Insurance, labor pension and employee salary in accordance with the regulations and declared to the government department. Kaizen could provide the following services: Payroll Calculation Services Setup Insurance Unit and Update the Employee Insurance Information Payment of Tax and the 2nd Generation of the National Health Insurance Filing of the Withholding Income Tax Assistance with Collection and Payment of the Salary Sending the Pay Advice to the Employee through Email Maintain and Update the HR Information Payroll Statistical Report Services HR Administration & Consulting Services In order to comply with the Labor Standards Act in Taiwan and other relevant regulations, we could provide consulting services relevant with the labor contracts and human resources contracts. Kaizen could provide the following services: Application for the Foreigners Work Permit […]

Procedures and Fees for Application for EP in Singapore

The Employment Pass is required by foreign professionals who wish to work in a managerial, executive or specialized role in Singapore. In order to apply for an Employment Pass, the applicant needs to qualify on various parameters. 1. Package Fee for Employment Pass Application Type of Visa/Pass Fees (SGD) Employment Pass Application (per applicant) $1,500.00 Dependent Pass Application for spouse / children (per applicant) $650.00 Long Term Visit Pass Application for parents / step children (per applicant) $650.00 Renewal of Employment Pass (per applicant) $800.00 Update changes with MOM (for each transaction) $150.00   Note: (1) The fee quoted above are excluded out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursement such as translation fee, card issuance fees, MOM fee and etc. (2) All fees quoted above do not include Goods and Service Tax (Business Tax) at 7%, if applicable. (3) In the event that the application/appeal/renewal is rejected by MOM, the fees quoted above […]