Singapore EntrePass Application Fee

1. Singapore Entrepass Application The EntrePass is for foreign entrepreneurs who plan to set up a business in Singapore. The entrepreneur has to be actively involved in running the business in Singapore. Candidates can also apply for this type of pass in case they registered a business in Singapore not longer than 6 months ago with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Kaizen assists you in the development and compilation of all necessary documents and forms for the EntrePass. We will then process your application with the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. The process will take 3-4 weeks. 2. Our fees Our fees for handling the applcaition for Entrepass is SGD1,500 excluding any out-of-pocket expenses. Please note a Business Plan is required to be submited for this purpose. We can draft the business plan for your for a fee of SGD1,000. The total in this case therefore would be […]

Procedures and Fees for Application for EP in Singapore

The Employment Pass is required by foreign professionals who wish to work in a managerial, executive or specialized role in Singapore. In order to apply for an Employment Pass, the applicant needs to qualify on various parameters. 1. Package Fee for Employment Pass Application Type of Visa/Pass Fees (SGD) Employment Pass Application (per applicant) $1,500.00 Dependent Pass Application for spouse / children (per applicant) $650.00 Long Term Visit Pass Application for parents / step children (per applicant) $650.00 Renewal of Employment Pass (per applicant) $800.00 Update changes with MOM (for each transaction) $150.00   Note: (1) The fee quoted above are excluded out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursement such as translation fee, card issuance fees, MOM fee and etc. (2) All fees quoted above do not include Goods and Service Tax (Business Tax) at 7%, if applicable. (3) In the event that the application/appeal/renewal is rejected by MOM, the fees quoted above […]