Hong Kong Human Resource and Payroll Services

Human resources and compensation management is a complex and time-consuming job which requires details and high level of accuracy. A comprehensive and an efficient Human Resources Report is critical for the improvement of performance and productivity. The Human Resources and Compensation Outsourcing Services of Kaizen aims to reduce the burden of client’s daily administrative work and ensuring a timely and effective support.


As a professional accounting firm, Kaizen provides comprehensive compensation outsourcing services to both corporate clients and their employees, including but not limited to payment of salaries, analysis of compensation performances, maintenance of employees’ enrolment and resignation records, analysis of payroll reports, registration and payment of pension funds (MPF) and the filing of corporate/personal income tax returns.


Our professional team will tailor make compensation management solutions to meet the needs of companies with different scales. We are committed to providing our clients with professional, high efficiency, high quality and comprehensive services. Kaizen could provide our clients with the following services:


  1. Human Resource and Compensation Services

 Compensation Management 

  • Handling confidentially for the payroll calculation and bank in the net remuneration to the employee bank account
  • Setting up the MPF Account for the corporate and the employees
  • Handling of the MPF contributions and to pay the MPF contributions to the MPF trustee
  • Provide a payroll paid account for the company
  • Monthly
  • Payroll Calculation and Payment
  • Provide the employees pay advice in written form or electronic form
  • Provide the payroll reports based on the client’s need

 Human Resources Administration and Support 

  • Maintenance of employee’s personnel record
  • Administration of holiday/leave records
  • Staff self-service via the Internet
  • Advice on employment regulations
  • Administration of medical insurance schemes
  • Administration of rental reimbursement schemes
  • Calculating reimbursements
  • Bonuses
  • Administration of Overtime /Holiday/ leave record
  • Medical


Supporting Services for the Labor Dispute

 Advice and attendance at meetings concerning labour disputes and the settlement of claims

  • Preparation of relevant documents for submission to the Labour Tribunal
  • Attendance and provision of professional support at conciliation meetings and Tribunal hearings
  • Evaluation of compensation disputes, and assistance with the negotiation and settlement of claims


Filing of Returns and Consulting Services

  • Completion and submission of Employer’s Return (of Remuneration and Pensions)
  • Completion and submission of Employees’ Individuals Tax Returns
  • Review remuneration packages for possible tax-planning opportunities
  • Implementation of tax-efficiency schemes
  • Calculation of hypothetical salaries tax under a tax equalisation scheme

Hong Kong Work Permit/Visa

  • Application of the Employment Visa
  • Quality Migrant Admission Scheme


  1. Services Fee
Item Description Fees (HKD)
1 Monthly salary calculation and payment (each employee per month)

– Preparation and calculation of monthly payroll, providing payroll slips and payroll reports

– MPF contribution reports (per month)

– Arrangement of monthly salary autopay

2 Setting up of MPF Account (including Online Account) (one-off) 2,000
3 Setting up of Employee MPF Account and first payment of salaries for new employee (each) 500
4 Termination of MPF Account and final payment of salaries for resigned employee (each) 500
5 Setup of Employee Compensation Insurance (one-off) 1,000
6 Filing of notice of hiring of new employee to IRD (each) 800
7 Filing of notice of resignation of employee to IRD (each) 800
8 Filing of notice of resignation of foreign employee to IRD (each) 800
9 Filing of Employer’s Return (BIR56A) (each company) 650
10 Filing of Employer’s Return (BIR56B) (each employee) 800
11 Preparation and filing of Individual Income (Salaries) Tax Returns for employees (per person) 2,500 – 4,000
12 Application of (Hong Kong) employment visa/work permit 8,000