Audit by Reviewing Enterprise Income Tax Returns

In Taiwan, here are 3 most common ways for profit-seeking enterprises to proceed tax returns: Expanding to the cases, audit by reviewing accounting books and tax compliance audit. To promote the convenience for small and medium-sized enterprises to proceed tax return, enterprises which total amount of net income and non-net income is under TWD30,000,000 within a whole year and are willing to rise the lower profit margin after settlement in the declaration of the end of fiscal year up to the standard of expanding to the cases promulgated by the government to calculate the income tax and settle down the payment of tax by the deadline are able to adopt the audit by reviewing papers to lower the risk of tax investigation by Taxation Bureau in accordance with “Regulations Governing Assessment of Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax” (Called as “Paper Reviewing Regulations”).   For profit-seeking enterprises adopting the audit by reviewing […]

Proof of Business Tax Return

Proof of Business Tax Return   This article aims to introduce the issuance of uniform invoice in practice. The introduction as below:   The expenditure items required to state on the tax withholding form and submit to Taxation Bureau Input credit and proof for accounting of business tax Proof for accounting of business tax but no input credit incurred   The following items shall be proceeded tax withholding and stated on the tax withholding form to Taxation Bureau:   (a) The withholding shall be proceeded as the wage income tax withholding table in the basis of monthly wages. (b) Part-time workers shall be withheld the amount of tax in 5% and sign on the backside of payroll and affidavit. (c) The amount of commission more than TWD20,000 or equivalent shall be withheld the amount of tax in 10%. (d) The amount of rentals more than TWD20,000 or equivalent shall be […]

Director Video Conference for Taiwan Company

The video conference is a way of meeting for the board of directors of a Taiwan company. During the global pandemic period, the video conference becomes prevalent among a majority of Taiwan companies. The points to be aware of for a video conference as following:   The location of meeting shall be stated at the board of directors meeting minutes. In the condition of meeting via video conference, it is accessible to state the location and way of connection of a particular connector (Such as chairman) solely.   It is possible to send a notice of board of directors meeting via e-mail. If the way of notice via e-mail has been stated at the article of association, the consent of each director is not required.   The signature of each director is not required. The fact of attendance via video conference stated on the attendance book is sufficient.   The […]

Profit-seeking Enterprise Provisional Payment in September

Profit-seeking Enterprise Provisional Payment in September On each September annually, it is the season for Taiwan profit-seeking enterprises to proceed provisional payment. From the statement issued by Ministry of Finance, due to more and more profit-seeking enterprises affected by COVID-19, it is possible for them to submit the application form and related evidence to the revenue service office at their place of companies within the relief period of provisional payment (01/09/2022-30/09/2022). Owing to the relief period extended to 30/06/2023 as well as the growing number of positive cases from April this year, so the application of profit-seeking enterprise provisional payment is still available in 2022. This is another opportunity following 2020 and 2021. Additionally, the principle of this measure is “Easy Application and Highly Recognition”. Here are two types of circumstances that a profit-seeking enterprise can apply to the measure directly without application. The candidate only has to meet one […]

How to Name a Taiwan Company

How to Name a Taiwan Company The first step to register a Taiwan company is to select a company name and business items. The investor is required to proceed the company name pre-check and reservation in MOEA. The validity period of company reservation is within 6 months from the date of reservation. If expired, the application of extension is necessary. The applicant shall be the promoter or the designated responsible person for the Taiwan company. In the circumstance of a juridical person shareholder, the name of representative to proceed the rights on behalf of shareholder is necessary to fill out. The company name is only allowed to be in traditional Chinese and be named from the words recognized in Chihai, Kangxi, or other dictionaries compiled up by Ministry of Education. It is accessible for the company name to include the word of region, or the nature of business, industry, enterprise, […]

Introduction and Issuance of Uniform Invoice (Part I)

Introduction and Issuance of Uniform Invoice (Part I) The purpose of this article is to introduce Taiwan uniform invoice and instruct how to issue. The introductions as below: Category of uniform invoice Principle of issuance How to issue a handwritten invoice How to deal with the wrong uniform invoice The article is divided into two parts for readers’ convenience to understand. Category of uniform invoice (1) Triplicate Uniform Invoice: A business entity issues this type of invoice to another business entity (B to B). (2) Duplicate Uniform Invoice: A business entity issues this type of invoice to a customer (B to C). (3) Cashier Invoice: A business entity issues this type of invoice to a purchaser (including business entities (B to B) and customers (B to C)), or it can be divided into triplicate form (stub copy, receipt copy, and deduction copy) and duplicate form (stub copy and receipt copy) […]

Foreign Company Migration in Taiwan

Migration is defined as a company changes the country where it is incorporated to another, which is equivalent to the change of nationality of company, but the juridical person does still survive. The concept is similar to immigration. In the circumstance that the foreign company owns a company in Taiwan, the application of migration shall be submitted to MOEAIC (MOEA Investment Commission) and submit the change of registration to MOEA (Ministry of Economy Affairs) upon approval obtained from MOEAIC.   How to submit an application to MOEAIC? For example, investor A where the country of incorporation in Malaysia changed into Brunei. The required documents to prepare in advance as below:   Board of member meeting minutes of change of incorporated country of Investor A. If the board of director resolution is required solely by the prescribed laws of incorporation country, it is fine to submit the resolution solely; The certificate […]

Taxation on Taiwan Youtuber

Taxation on Taiwan Youtuber   To comply with the regulations from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in USA, Google published a new regulation about the tax withholding on global Youtuber last year, which means Taiwan Youtuber is required to be withheld the tax for the income incurred within the territory of USA by IRS as well as declare the individual income in Taiwan. So, a group of Taiwan Youtuber is concerned about the likelihood of double taxation.   Google aims at withholding the income from the views from USA on YouTube, including browsing the advertisements, YouTube Premium, super chats, super stickers, members and other profit-seeking channels. No matter where the location is, the creators are requested to provide Google with the US taxation information. If such information is failed to provide, Google will deduct the amount of income higher up to 24% for taxation, but if the taxation information is filled […]

Revision of Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act

Revision of Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act   The draft bill for revision of articles in Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act was passed on 24th February 2022. Basing on the suggestions from each industry to increase the flexibility of mergers and protection of shareholders’ powers as well as the statement from the letter no. 770 issued by Judicial Yuan, which the profits shall be distributed to each shareholder and director on time and other related stakes not stated on current Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act, the revision aims at protect the power of each shareholder and loosen the accessible scope of asymmetric mergers and flexibility of taxation this time, the revised essentials as below:   To reinforce the power and protection of each shareholder, the description of assembly of shareholders shall be stated the stake and pros or cons of mergers as well as broadening the scope of subscription for […]

Subsidy for Catering Industry in Taiwan

Subsidy for Catering Industry in Taiwan   Owing to the severe pandemic situation, most of people are unwilling to dine in at restaurants gradually. This phenomenon makes the catering industries difficult to run their business continuously. Therefore, to ease the impact to these industries, The project of “Marketing Subsidy for Taiwan Catering Industries Impacted by Covid-19” was issued and accessible to apply for by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) from 2022/16/05. The maximum subsidy NTD100,000 from MOEA will be issued for those qualified applicants to promote their business. From the statement of MOEA, with the growing number of Covid-19 patients, the willingness for publics to dine in has been decreasing drastically, which makes the catering industries hard to operate normally. So, apart from the activity of best take-out box held by MOEA, which aims to help catering entities develop and promote the take-out box to maintain their business, the project […]