Introduction to Taiwan Industrial and Commercial Certificate

Taiwan Business Certificate is an IC card used by limited companies, branch offices, limited partnerships, and other businesses registered under Taiwan’s Company Law and Commercial Law for online identity verification. Recently, companies can directly use this certificate to apply for various electronic related businesses online, without being restricted by the time and location of case submissions, which can simplify the overall application process and improve application efficiency. After receiving the main card of the Business Certificate, companies can apply for additional cards based on internal management needs or business requirements, and these cards can be obtained within approximately 14 working days.


Applying for a Business Certificate offers many benefits, as it allows for the online application of many services to speed up the process, including:


  1. Handling company tax filings and shareholder reports;
  2. Electronification of company utility and electricity bill accounting;
  3. Enrollment and changes in employee labor insurance and health insurance;
  4. Changes in import and export data with the Bureau of Foreign Trade;
  5. Issuance of electronic invoices by the company;
  6. Application for foreign employee work visas.


The Business Certificate has a specific validity period and automatically expires after this period, requiring reapplication without the possibility of extension. To avoid the situation of having no valid card after the main card expires, it is recommended to re-apply 60 working days before the expiration of the current Business Certificate. The validity period of the new certificate starts from the date of the new application. Therefore, if a company applies for a new card before the current certificate expires, there may be a short period during which two main cards are held: one new and one old. During this period, although both cards can be used, the old main card will automatically expire after its expiry date, and only the new card should be used thereafter.


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