Introduction to Taiwan Import and Export Manufacturer Registration

If a Taiwan company operates in international trade, requiring the import or export of goods, it must register with the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade for an import/export business registration after the company registration is completed.


The first step in applying for an import or export business registration is to conduct a preliminary search for the company’s English name to check whether the intended English name has already been registered by another company or if there is an existing registered trademark. If there are no such issues and the name passes the review, it can be reserved. This English name can be reserved for up to six months.


The second step involves proceeding with the import/export business registration. Once the registration is approved, the registration information will be uploaded to the internet for public display and transmitted to customs, at which point the company’s import/export registration is considered complete. The public display information by the Bureau of Foreign Trade includes the company’s name in both Chinese and English, addresses in both languages, the representative’s name, and whether the company is qualified for import and export. After the registration is completed, an approval letter is not sent out automatically. Depending on business needs, the company can apply for additional documentation such as a registration certificate, an English certificate, and a certificate of actual import/export activity over the past three years.


After completing the import/export business registration, a company can then engage in import and export activities. If there are subsequent changes such as a change in the company name, change of the person in charge, or change of address, there changes need to be registered with the company’s registry before proceeding with the import/export business change at the Bureau of Foreign Trade.


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