Our Singapore Book-keeping and Accounting Services

Bookkeeping is a tedious but essential work for every company. With a good bookkeeping practice put in place, it becomes easier to track sales, purchases, employment data and other accounting records, which, eventually helps in smooth running of the company. Bookkeeping is always referred as a non-core, but essential and can be outsource, functions of a company. Company who outsource their non-core business functions could divert their funds and manpower to the core functions to generate more returns. We, as an outsourced vendor, offer efficient and hassle-free bookkeeping services at reasonable rates and ensure your company’s accounts are well maintained. Kaizen Accounting Services We are able to assist you with a full spectrum of bookkeeping matters, including: Preparation of financial statements – monthly, quarterly and or annually Keeping full sets accounts including: 1. Balance sheet 2. Profit and loss statement 3. Trial balance 4. Bank reconciliation 5. Fixed asset listing […]