Taiwan Company Registered Address

For companies where business address is registered within Taipei City, the application “Business Location Pre-check” is required to be proceeded by Taipei City Hall before registration of a company, change of registered address and adding of business items to make sure the business items are complied with the regulations of urban plan and architectural management or other related laws.


Despite such pre-check is not compulsory for each district, apart from Taipei City, it is still suggested for the company to confirm if the registered address is fully complied with “Regulations on Land Use Control” as well as “Building Management Regulations” by signing the rental agreement. In the condition that such registered address is not under compliances, or the practical business is different than the business items submitted upon the application, the company would be requested to move out from the address and the water and voltage would be halted forcibly. In addition, such company may face the fine up to TWD60,000 but less than TWD 300,000 consecutively to make the operation risky.


Is it available to use my own home to be the registered address? The answer is positive, but if the residency address registered as business address, the address would be imposed with land value tax, house tax, add-value tax, utility tax respectively by the rate of commercial building to compute. For rental address, the address is allowed to be registered and used after obtaining the building owner’s approval. Usually, if the building owner agreed to rent the address for company registration, the abovementioned fees would be added into the rentals.


The most popular option is virtual office. A legal virtual office address is located at a commercial building generally. Apart from the special approval for particular industries (like medical equipment, bar..etc.) and companies which needs to apply for the zero-tax rate, other common industries prefer to choose this way to proceed the company registration. Moreover, the advantages of virtual office are quite attractive, since the rentals would be cheaper than a physical office as well as the correspondence address and mailing service are available.


Except for company registration services, Kaizen also provide clients with legal and trustworthy rental address service to make sure the registered company’s legality and safety. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!