Taiwan Claw Crane Machine

Taiwan Claw Crane Machine


Claw crane machine is designed for consumers to obtain their preferred commodity with the claw crane until catching it up infinitely or through the function of guaranteed prize in Taiwan.


According to “Electronic Game Arcade Business Regulation Act”, the machine which is defined as “Electronic game machines as stated at the item 1 or article 4th in this Act refer to amusement machinery that is controlled by use of electricity, electronics, computer, mechanics or other similar methods to generate or display sounds, lights, images, graphics or motions, or amusement machinery that controls injection of steel balls or steel sheets by the aforesaid methods.” shall be applied for a special license for operation additionally. Although the function of claw crane machine is involved with the abovementioned definition, the commodity is obtained through the fair and valuable consideration, so which cannot be affiliated as electronic game machine.


The claw crane machine which is not categorized as an non-game-electronic machine after verification shall be set up as the following 4 principles:


  1. To set up the price of guaranteed prized

    After inserting the setting price of guaranteed prize, the machine shall be adjusted into strong-claw model until the commodity is obtained.


  1. To set up a fair price

    The price of guaranteed prize shall be reasonable as the selling price of commodity. For example, the price of guaranteed price is NTD$790, but the placed commodity is stuffed toys, smartphone rack, LED date transmission line, laser pointer.


  1. To avoid the possibility of obtaining the commodity

    It is prohibited to set up any obstacle to hinder the commodity to drop while getting close to the outlet by the overhead travelling crane or place any heavy material to make the commodity impossible to lift up.


  1. It is prohibited to change the name of machine on its appearance in order to avoid the failure of recognition of verified machine and standard operation procedure.

    Diamond, jewelry, adult products, living creatures, and lottery tickets are not allowed to be placed at the machine. In addition, any obstacle or cargo net shall not be set up at the internal part of machine either.


Source: Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Department