Foreigners Work in Taiwan

For foreigners who obtain the approval of employment from Taiwan Ministry of Labor, they have to visit the Taiwan official entity situated at their local countries to apply for the visa before entering the territory of Taiwan. The holder shall exchange the visa into ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) to start working in 5 days from the date of entry.


The basic privileges for foreigners working in Taiwan as following:


  1. Health Insurance

    For ARC holders, the national health insurance is mandatory to cover during the period of residency in Taiwan. The coverage of such insurance is all necessary medical expenditures, including paramedic, hospitalization, dental, Chinese medicines and prescribed medicines. The insured person still needs to afford a fixed amount of fees upon visiting a medical treatment, but the rest of amount will be covered by the national health insurance. Thus, it doesn’t need to worry about the medical and treatment fees. The health insurance provides publics with overall medical cares.


  1. Labor Insurance

    For companies which number of employees are less than 5 persons, it is compulsory to cover additional labor insurance. The coverages of such insurance are maternity benefits, injury of sickness benefits, medical care benefits, disability benefits, old-age benefits, funeral grant benefits.

    For those who meet the following conditions are not allowed to work in Taiwan legally:
    – Without the approval of employment but work in Taiwan;
    – Serve for other employers without the approval of employment;
    – Engage in other works than the works under the coverage of approval;
    – Be absent without justifiable grounds more than 3 days;
    – Reject or fail to proceed health inspection;
    – Defy the regulations of Employment Service Act

    Foreigners who violate the abovementioned regulations during the period of employment would be abolished his/her permit to stay and asked to exit from the territory of Taiwan as well as prohibited to work in Taiwan in the following 3 years. For Taiwan employers who hire foreigners without approval of employment, a valid copy of approval, or from other foreigners hired by other companies, it may be faced the fine up to TWD 150,000 to TWD 750,000.