The Circular on Adjusting the Standard of Minimum Wage in Shanghai Municipality

Document No (24) 2011
Issued by Division of Planning & Wages
Shanghai Municipal Labour & Social Security Bureau, 22 March 2011

To all the Municipal Commissions, offices, Bureaus, Holding (Group) Corporations, Administrative State-Owned Enterprises, the District/County Labour & Social Security Bureaus, the Employing Units:

With the approval of Shanghai Municipal Government, the minimum wages in the Shanghai City will be adjusted on 1 April 2011. Notice regarding some of the relevant issues is hereby given: –

1. The monthly minimum wage of workers in the Municipality is adjusted from RMB1,120 to RMB1,280. While the following items are not included within the minimum wage and shall be paid in addition by the enterprises according to relevant laws and regulations:

(1) Contributions for Social Insurances and Public Housing Fund by the individual workers themselves;
(2) Overtime pay;
(3) Allowances for mid-shift, night shift, work in extreme temperatures, in mine or exposure to toxic and harmful materials;
(4) Allowances for meals, transportation and housing.

2. The minimum hourly wage will be adjusted from RMB9 to RMB11. The minimum hourly wage does not include the social security contributions by both the employee and employer. The employer should be responsible for the social security contribution.

3. The monthly minimum wage is applicable to full time employees and the minimum hourly wage is applicable to non-full-time employees.

(In case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the original Chinese text, the Chinese text shall prevail.)