Taiwan Electronic Game Arcade Business Regulations

Taiwan electronic game arcade business is designed for publics to enjoy the puzzle and entertainment games.

To manage the electronic game arcade business, “Electronic Game Arcade Business Regulations Act” was enacted by MOEA in accordance with the models of games and sites to manage and execute the registration, inspection, and punishment these related managements of electronic game arcade business.

1.    Game Arcade

The kinds of game arcade are divided into “Puzzle”, “Ball Bearing”, “Entertaining”. It is not allowed to display unverified categories and announcement of game arcades or revise the verified categories of game arcades randomly.

2.    Site

Electronic game arcade business is categorized as “General guidance” and “Restricted”. For general guidance, the stie is only allowed to pose puzzle game arcades for children, youths, and general publics to play. Reversely, the ball bearing, entertaining or additional particular puzzle game arcades are only to be posed and open for players over 18s. For those who fail to obtain the electronic game arcade business certificate, the operation of business is prohibited to proceed, and the same business site cannot be mixed with other categories to operate.

In order to implement the evaluation and classification of electronic game arcades, Taiwan’s economic department established the “Electronic Game Arcade Business Evaluation Committee”, whose task is to identify electronic game arcades and evaluate and classify electronic game arcades; and manufacturers and importers of electronic game arcades, Before manufacturing or importing, you should apply to the economic department for issuance of evaluation and classification documents for your software, and when leaving the factory or importing, apply to the economic department for inspection. Those who pass the test will be issued a machine marking certificate.

When manufacturers and importers of electronic game arcades apply to the economic department for issuance of evaluation classification documents, they should submit the application in accordance with the “Regulations on the Administration of Electronic Game Arcades and Electronic Game Arcades” and submit it to the evaluation committee that will be held the following month for review. For cases that have completed the evaluation, the applicant will be notified in writing of the type of equipment that passed the evaluation and announced.

Electronic game arcades that have been evaluated as “puzzle”, “ball bearing”, and “entertainment” should apply for inspection when leaving the factory or importing, and the economic department personnel will send personnel to compare and verify that there are no errors, and then place them in the electronic game arcades respectively. The game arcades can only be displayed and used if the category label is affixed to an obvious place on the main board or outer frame of the game arcade.