Taiwan Branch Office Business Place Pre-search

Taiwan Branch Office Business Place Pre-search


To establish a Taiwan company, a business place within the territory of Taiwan for registration is required.

Suppose that the location of business place is at Taipei City, the procedure of “Business Place Pre-search” shall be finished preliminarily to confirm if the intended business items are complied with the urban plan and other related prescribed laws. If the business does not meet the requirements of business items, the company is not allowed to establish.


The processing time of business place pre-search requires about 2-5 days, since the maximum number of case to verify and issue is solely 180s per day by MOEA. Therefore, in the condition of the business place confirmed, it is suggested to proceed the pre-search in advance to avoid delaying the schedule of company establishment afterwards.


In addition, the following categories of industries may be visited on the spot by MOEA to check if the business place is compliant with the prescribed regulations or not:


J702050 Ballroom, J702060 Dance Hall, J702070 Wineshop, J702080 Bar, J702030 Particular Kind Coffee Tea Room, J701030 Audiovisual and Singing, JZ99020 Sauna, J702090 Nightclub, J701010 Electronic Game Arcades, J701070 Information Recreational, F299010 Retail Sale of Adult Products, F501050 Bars, F501060 Restaurants, F501990 Other Catering, JF01020 Massage Service (Visually Impaired Massage Service excluded), JF01030 Foot Massage, JF01010 Traditional Physical Management, JZ99110 Body Shaping Beauty Services, J801030 Athletics and Recreational Sports Stadium, J802010 Sports Training, JA01010 Automobile Repair, JA02020 Motorcycle Repair, F214030 Retail Sale of Motor Vehicle Parts and Motorcycle Parts, Accessories, JA01990 Other Automobile Services, J701020 Amusement Parks, JI01010 Interactive Scenario Experience Services, I301050 Reality Technology Services, JZ99180 Pet Grooming, F206050 Retail Sale of Pet Food and Supplies, H703120 Self-Storage.


Source: Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Department