Subsidy for Catering Industry in Taiwan

Subsidy for Catering Industry in Taiwan


Owing to the severe pandemic situation, most of people are unwilling to dine in at restaurants gradually. This phenomenon makes the catering industries difficult to run their business continuously. Therefore, to ease the impact to these industries, The project of “Marketing Subsidy for Taiwan Catering Industries Impacted by Covid-19” was issued and accessible to apply for by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) from 2022/16/05. The maximum subsidy NTD100,000 from MOEA will be issued for those qualified applicants to promote their business.

From the statement of MOEA, with the growing number of Covid-19 patients, the willingness for publics to dine in has been decreasing drastically, which makes the catering industries hard to operate normally. So, apart from the activity of best take-out box held by MOEA, which aims to help catering entities develop and promote the take-out box to maintain their business, the project of “Marketing Subsidy for Taiwan Catering Industries Impacted by Covid-19” was issued. The applicants have to provide the marketing project with the discount (offset the price) and marketing wat (advertisement), so MOEA will depend on each submitted project to provide the subsidy up to 50% to attract customers to take out the foods with preferential price as well as increase the income of each catering entity.

The application period from May 16th to June 15th. The catering entity with a physical business address and tax registration number is qualified for submitting an application. Industries which issue the uniform invoice to customers are potential to receive the maximum subsidy NTD100,000 and industries without the issuance of uniform invoice can be received the subsidy NTD20,000.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs