Stadiums Setup in Taiwan

For companies which plan to set up a gymnasium or hold up sporty training classes, like street dance classrooms, gymnasium, yoga classrooms, or gym, the venues which square meters are under 300 are not required to apply for a special license. The company is able to start their business immediately after applying for the recognition of training sessions upon registration of company.

The applicant should be aware about the following terms upon application:

  1. The address of sporty classThe address of sporty class shall be complied with the municipal or county examining standards. Normally, it is possible to understand if the address is qualified for application with the land registration transcripts and land ownership certificate. It should be noted that the virtual address is not allowed to set or hold up the sporty classes.
  2. Related licensesThe personnels shall hold the national physical fitness instructor certificate issued by Taiwan or foreign reputational associations for one copy at least.
  3. Archeologist inspectionThe equipment should be evaluated and issued certificates by Taiwan archeologists or technicians and to make sure it is safe and will not be affected the building overall structure. The equipment shall be simple, lightweight, or easy-to-move. The equipment such as stove, SPA, Sauna, steam bath, or massage, is not acceptable.
  4. Related insurancesDepending on the demands of each district, the stadiums shall follow the Self-Government Ordinance for Public Liability Insurance of Public-Use Business Premises in each district to cover the related insurances. As example of Taipei City, the minimum amount of insurance per venue is as below:
    (1) For human bodily injury or death, per person: NT$6 million.
    (2) For human bodily injury or death, per accident: NT$30 million.
    (3) For property damage, per accident: NT$3 million.
    (4) For total amount insured during the period of insurance: NT$60 million.
  5. Standard form contractIt is required to make a standard form contract between the company and members or students. The contract shall disclose the fulfillment of guarantee as well as disclose the included in and prohibitory provisions clearly. The number of members and equipment is mandatory to remark the instruction and warnings.