Revision of Taiwan Employment Insurance Act

Revision of Taiwan Employment Insurance Act


To increase the benefits for labors and make the insurance sources more accessible by Ministry of Labor, the labors who apply for unemployment benefit, vocational training living allowances, and parent leave allowances can be applicable to the following new regulations from 18/01/2022 for improvement of labors’ living quality.


  1. Broaden the regulations of unemployment benefits and vocational training living allowances for dependents

    For the economic concern of unemployment labor’s family, the item 1 of article 19th in Employment Insurance Act is revised. “Parent without salary income” of insured person is qualified for the application of unemployment benefits and vocational training living allowances. The applicants shall submit a photocopy of household certificate, which is stated the information of raised parent, or the other photocopy of certificate of identification with the same legal effect. According to the new policy issued by Ministry of Labor Insurance, the number of raised family can be received the benefits or allowances in 10% of monthly insurance, 20% at most, within the previous 6 months upon the application of unemployment insurance.

    For example, Mr. Chang’s average insured monthly salary is about NTD30,000. The amount of unemployment benefits is NTD18,000 (30,000 x 60%) before the implementation of new policy. However, The benefits for raising his parent without salary rises up to 20% (30,000 x 10% x 2, NTD 6,000) after the new policy is launched, so the total amount of unemployment benefit and dependents allowances will be NTD24,000 (which is the average insured monthly salary in 80%).

  2. Application of parental leave allowances

    For parents who need to take care of their children on their own to make use of the system of parental leave allowances much flexibly, the item 2 of article 19th in “Employment Insurance Act” was revised with “Act of Gender Equality in Employment”. The article of insured person being parent and application of allowances by the parent simultaneously was deleted for development of friendly nurture environment. After the launch of new policy, the parental leave allowances is allowed to be applied for by both of the parent simultaneously which term of employment insurance more than 1 year to accompany with the children as well as receive the support on the side of economic.