How to Name a Taiwan Company

How to Name a Taiwan Company

The first step to register a Taiwan company is to select a company name and business items. The investor is required to proceed the company name pre-check and reservation in MOEA. The validity period of company reservation is within 6 months from the date of reservation. If expired, the application of extension is necessary.

The applicant shall be the promoter or the designated responsible person for the Taiwan company. In the circumstance of a juridical person shareholder, the name of representative to proceed the rights on behalf of shareholder is necessary to fill out.

The company name is only allowed to be in traditional Chinese and be named from the words recognized in Chihai, Kangxi, or other dictionaries compiled up by Ministry of Education. It is accessible for the company name to include the word of region, or the nature of business, industry, enterprise, firm or other profit-seeking organizations, such as Taichung Amusement Enterprise Company Limited.

You may wonder what about if the two companies are fully corresponsive but the nature of business is different, is it counted as repetitive company name? The answer is no. Even if the company names are identical, the nature of business stated on the company name is distinguishable, such as “Xin Xin Electronic” and “Xin Xin Machinery”, “Secom Security” and “Secom department store”, “Chinese Enterprise”, “Chinese” and “Chinese Industry”, “Sun Engineering” and “Sun Technology”, “Wanglai Information” and “Wanglai Enterprise”, “President Chain Convenient Store” and “President Chain Industry” and so on.

In the circumstance of different organizations, the name will be repetitive, like “Happy Company Limited” and “Happy Company Limited by Shares”. In addition, some words are unable to be used for distinguishing. For example, putting the word new, good, old, big, small, real, genuine, original, pure, and those similar words are not counted, and so do the words “Happy”,  “New Happy”, and “True Happy” recognize as the identical names.:

Besides, the following words are prohibited to put in the company name

Management Office, Service Center, Welfare Center, Activity Center, Development Center, Research Center, Farmer Union, Fishery Union, Guild, Labor Union, Institution, Association, Convenience Shop, Cooperative, Seminar, Production and Marketing Groups, Research Groups, Business Office, Home and School Club, Sorority, Mutual Aid Association, Service Station, College, Academy, Museum, Community, Temple, Foundation, Organization, Charity, Volunteer, Club, Consortium or other words which may be misinterpreted as government entity and public welfare group easily.

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