Director Video Conference for Taiwan Company

The video conference is a way of meeting for the board of directors of a Taiwan company. During the global pandemic period, the video conference becomes prevalent among a majority of Taiwan companies. The points to be aware of for a video conference as following:


  1. The location of meeting shall be stated at the board of directors meeting minutes. In the condition of meeting via video conference, it is accessible to state the location and way of connection of a particular connector (Such as chairman) solely.


  1. It is possible to send a notice of board of directors meeting via e-mail. If the way of notice via e-mail has been stated at the article of association, the consent of each director is not required.


  1. The signature of each director is not required. The fact of attendance via video conference stated on the attendance book is sufficient.


  1. The way of board of director meeting is only accessible to hold up via video conference. Other ways (Like call conference) are not equivalent to the personal presence pursuant to the laws.


  1. Non-listing companies are not compulsory for recording a video, but concerning of the integrity of a meeting, it is suggested to record the whole course of meeting.


  1. The presence of a director through video conference is deemed as personal presence. If the necessity of the payment of traffic allowance is regulated for a company, the directors are able to receive the allowance accordingly.


The abovementioned points must be followed for holding a board of directors meeting. In the circumstance that a company cannot hold a meeting through video conference, a company may explicitly provide for in its Articles of Incorporation that if it is agreed by all directors, any action to be taken at a meeting of the board of directors may be taken, without a meeting, by written consents to exercise their voting power in accordance with the item 5 of article 205th in Company Act. Additionally, a meeting of the board of directors held in accordance with the preceding paragraph shall be deemed to have been convened; the directors who exercise their voting power by written consents shall be deemed to have attend the meeting in person in accordance with the item 6 of the same article. Due to no particular article about the virtual meeting stipulated at Company Act, each company reserves the right to decide how to proceed the voting rights by written consents.