Attract Foreign Talents to Stay in Taiwan

Attract Foreign Talents to Stay in Taiwan


To curb the phenomenon of shortage of technical labor forces these years and respond to the required service term for excellent and professional foreign talents to stay in Taiwan which is stipulated in Employment Service Act, Taiwan Ministry of Labor negotiated with related unions and organizations to release openings in fishery, manufacturing, contracting, agriculture and caregiving for foreign students with associate degrees and foreign labors who have been serving in Taiwan for more than 6 years. It is promising there would be more openings in different industries upon the necessity of financial improvement in the near future.


For foreign labors who have been staying and working in Taiwan more than 6 years and students who obtained the associate degree as well as qualified for the salary and techniques terms, the employer can apply for the work permit to undertake the middle-class works for such foreign employees without the restriction on service term. The policy is estimated to initiate at the end of April this year. The related information as following:


  1. Candidates

    (1) Foreign labors have been serving in Taiwan for 6 years or above;

    (2) Foreign students obtained the associate degree or above

  2. Available industries

    (1) Industry: Manufacturing, Contracting, Outreach Agriculture, Agriculture (Cymbidium, Mushroom, Vegetable limited), Fishery

    (2) Caregiving: Caregiving in institutions, or Household Caregiving

  3. Qualification of Employer

    As requirements of current terms about employment of foreign labors for employers.

  4. Qualification of Foreigners

    (1) Industry or other regulated jobs: Regular monthly salary is equivalent to NTD33,000 or above (Initial employment for foreign students equivalent to NTD30,000 or above, consecutive employment equivalent to NTD33,000 or above), or regular annual salary reaches to NTD500,000 or above, but for those labors or students whose regular monthly salary is equivalent to NTD35,000 or above, the requirement on techniques can be exempted.

    (2) Caregiving: Regular monthly salary for caregiving in institutions is equivalent to NTD$29,000 or above; regular monthly salary for household caregiving is equivalent to NTD$24,000 or above, which shall be qualified for the requirements on Taiwanese language test and other related educational training sessions.

It should be noted that the maximum number of labor forces in middle-class works shall not exceed the 25% of verification and distribution for labor forces and 50% of total number of employees. The senior foreign labors or students who are transferred into the middle-class technical labor forces can be exempted from the requirements on service term as well as potential to apply for the permanent alien resident certificate for serving 5 years consecutively.


Source: Taiwan Ministry of Labor