Summary of Features of Belize International Business Company


Factor Description
Income tax in Belize None
Conduct business internationally Yes
Conduct business within Belize No
Formally considered as tax-resident in Belize No
Official language / language of documents English
Operational objects Anything that is not expressly prohibited by law
Minimum authorized capital No minimum required
Optimum authorized capital (minimum state duty) $ 50`000
Minimum paid-up capital No minimum required
Capital currency Any. US dollar is standard.
Bearer shares Yes (but only held in custody by Agent in Belize)
Registered Agent in Belize Required
Registered Address in Belize Required
Minimum number of directors One
Non-resident directors Allowed
Corporate directors Allowed
Register of Directors To be kept by the Registered Agent
Register of Directors filed for public record No
Minimum number of Members (shareholders) One
Register of Members To be kept by the Registered Agent
Register of Members filed for public record No
Holding of Annual General Meeting Not mandatory
Convention of Meetings of Directors / Members Anywhere in the world, also by proxy
Corporate Seal Mandatory
Imprint of Corporate Seal To be kept by the Registered Agent
Corporate Minutes and Resolutions To be kept by the Registered Agent
Disclosure of beneficial owners to Registrar No
Disclosure of beneficial owners to Agent Yes (confidential due diligence)
Keeping of accounts Only if desired
Auditing of accounts Not required
Filing of accounts Not required
Double-tax avoidance treaties None
Currency controls / restrictions IBC is not subject to any currency controls
Available special types of company Limited Liability Partnership
Limited Life Company
Public Investment Company
Redomicile a foreign company into Belize Yes
Redomicile a Belize company abroad Yes
Net time to incorporate 1-4 days (plus delivery)
Ready-made (shelf) companies Available