Seychelles Company Registration Fees and Registration Procedures (Custom Made Company)

1. Seychelles Company Registration Fee

Our services for handling the registration of a new Seychelles international business company together with the first-year maintenance fee are USD950 excluding delivery fee. In particular, the fee covers:

(1) first year license fee
(2) first year registered agent fee and year registered office fee
(3) first year nominee company secretary
(4) one complete company kit
(5) our incorporation service charges

An extra USD200 will be charged for addition of Chinese company name.


2. Documents to be Provided by Client for Incorporation

(1) Photocopy of passport of each of the shareholder and director
(2) Residential address with proof, such as utility bills, telephone bills
(3) Proposed name of the company (at least two in order of preference)
(4) A brief description of the principal business activities of the proposed Samoa company
(5) Amount of share capital (unless otherwise advised, all company will be incorporated with a standard share capital of USD50,000) and percentage of shareholding by each shareholder, if more than one shareholder


3. Time Frame

The whole incorporation process could be completed in 14 days.


4. Documents Given to Clients after Registration

(1) Original copy of Certificate of Incorporation
(2) Three (3) copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association
(3) Ten (10) copies of share certificate
(4) Register of Members and Register of Directors
(5) Common Seal and company chop
(6) Minutes for the appointment of first director(s)

5. General Procedures for Registration of a Tailor-made Seychelles company through Kaizen

Step 1
You confirm and engage Kaizen to register your Seychelles offshore company by either sending Kaizen an email or fax. If so requested, Kaizen will prepare and sign an engagement letter with you.

Step 2
You provide to Kaizen either by fax or scan and email the following materials:

(1) Proposed company name, either in English only or Chinese only or both;
(2) One photocopy of passport (only the page showing the particulars of the holder) and residential address of each shareholder; if any shareholder is another corporation, please provide Certificate of Incorporation and Registered Office of that corporation;
(3) One photocopy of passport (only the page showing the particulars of the holder) and residential address of each director; if any director is another corporation, please provide Certificate of Incorporation and Registered Office of that corporation;
(4) Amounts of authorized share capital and issued capital, percentage of shareholdings if more than one shareholder.

Step 3
Kaizen check the availability of the proposed company name. If available, Kaizen proceed to registration; if not available, Kaizen will go back to you for more company names and perform the availability search again.

Step 4
Kaizen receive the Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies.

Step 5
Kaizen attend to the followings:

(1) Printing Memorandum and Articles of Association
(2) Prepare minutes of First Board Meeting
(3) Prepare Application for Allotment of Share(s) for each shareholder
(4) Prepare Consent to Act as Director for each director
(5) Update Register of Members
(6) Update Register of Directors
(7) Prepare Share Certificate
(8) Carve Common Seal and rubber chop

Step 6
Kaizen arrange to deliver the above documents/materials (together known as Company Kit) to you.

Step 7
Upon receipt of the Company Kit, you sign the following documents:

(1) Application for allotment of shares
(2) Minutes of First Board Meeting
(3) Consent to Act as Director
(4) Share Certificate

and then either fax or scan and email a copy of the duly signed documents as listed above to Kaizen. Registration procedures completed.

6. Optional Services

Certificate of Good Standing: USD200
Certificate of Incumbency: USD200


7. Annual Maintenance

(1) Annual Maintenance Fee
Starting from the year following the registration, a Seychelles company is required to pay an annual renewal fee of USD700 (applicable to company with registered capital of no more than USD50,000) to maintain in good standing. In particular, the annual maintenance fee covers the following services:
(a) Annual license fee
(b) Annual registered agent fee
(c) Annual registered office fee

(2) Time of Payment
The annual renewal fee needs to be paid not later than 30 November every year following the year of incorporation. We will send a renewal notice to all our clients 3 months before the due date for payment. If you do not receive our renewal notice by 31 October, please inform us accordingly.


8. Important Notes

(1) Both the shareholder and director of a Seychelles company can be individual, or corporation and they can be the same person. Also, there is no restriction on their nationality.
(2) A Seychelles company is not required to appoint company secretary. However, the director or board of directors can appoint one if they think fit.
(3) The standard capital of a Seychelles company is USD50,000, divided into 50,000 shares of USD1 each.
(4) A Seychelles company can have a Chinese name. However, the meaning of the Chinese name must be the same as the English name.
(5) It is the sole discretion of the bank to decide whether to accept the bank account open application or not. Our service fee for bank account opening will not be refunded even in the case that the bank rejects the application.