Invest in Qianhai China

Invest in Qianhai China

Qianhai is located at the western part of Shenzhen, eastern coast of the Pearl River which sits at the crossroad of the main development axis of the Pearl River Delta and coastal functional expansion belt. Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone (hereinafter as Qianhai Cooperation Zone) is the only platform supported by the government to encourage the cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong in modern service industry.


The functions of Qianhai Cooperation Zone are as follows: Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation pilot zone, institutional innovation zone, modern service industry agglomeration zone, structural adjustment zone. It focuses on the development of innovative finance, modern logistics, headquarters economic, technology and professional services, communications and media services, business services.


Qianhai Cooperation Zone is also part of China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Qianhai & Shekou Area of Shenzhen. Qianhai Cooperation Zone overlaps the functions and policies of the free trade zone. Therefore, it can enjoy not only the policies of free trade zone, but also the unique policies of Qianhai Cooperation Zone, for example, the 15% corporate income tax, individual income tax preferential policies, and etc.


  1. Preferential Policies


1.1  Enterprises which fulfill the requirements of the Catalogue of Enterprise for Income Tax Preferential Program in Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone (hereinafter as The Catalogue) may be entitled to enjoy a reduced corporate income tax (CIT) of 15%. The Catalogue includes:


Modern Logistics Industry:


(1)   supply chain management services such as design of the supply chain solution, management and processing of the purchase orders, virtual manufacturing, information management, capital management, consultation service and etc.

(2)   onshore and offshore logistics outsourcing logistic service.

(3)   development and operation of modern logistics technology and logistics public service system.

(4)   settlement and management of the third party logistics.


Information Service Industry:


(1)   development of the application system for telecommunication value-added service.

(2)   research & development of electronic authentication, e-commerce, e-government technology.

(3)   research & development service of information security technology.

(4)   data mining, data analysis, data service and digital resource development.

(5)   new generation mobile communication network, research & development of next generation internet technology based on Pv6.

(6)   research & development of satellite communication technology.

(7)  research & development and services of general software, industry applied software, embedded software.

(8)      research & development and services of cloud computing, Internet of Things, highly trusted computing, intelligent network, big data and etc.


Science and Technology Service Industry:


(1)  professional science and technology service of new energy, new material, biological medicine, low-carbon and pro-environment industry and etc.

(2)      research & development and service of new science and technology, such as gene sequencing, stem cell, functional protein, life science and health and etc.

(3)      research & development and service of new energy battery, 3D stereoscopic display and printing technology.

(4)   advanced technology services such as information technology outsourcing, operation outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing and etc.


Culture and Creative Industry:


(1)   creative design services such as graphic design, package design, advertisement design, interior design, landscape design, industrial design, costume design, architectural design, brand planning and marketing, and etc.

(2)   development of cultural information resources.

(3)   research & development and service of audio-visual program technology.

(4)   research & development and creation of animation and on-line games.

(5)   research & development and service of new media technology.


1.2  Individuals who satisfy the requirements of the Interim Measures on Individual Income Tax Subsidies for Overseas High-end Talents in Short Supply in Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone will be granted financial subsidies by the Shenzhen government on their paid individual income tax which exceed 15% of the their taxable income. Individual income tax on such subsidies for the successful applicants will be waived.


  1. Incorporation Requirements in Qianhai


(1).  It shall be incorporated in the form of a company or enterprise normally. A branch without a real operation office in Qianhai cannot be registered in Qianhai. For those headquarter enterprises registered in other cities, if their registered capital exceed RMB 5 million, then they may move to Qianhai upon receipt of the approval of Qianhai authority.


(2)  The minimum amount of registered capital required for general enterprises is RMB5 million, while the minimum amount required for financial enterprises is RMB10 million. There are no restrictions on the registered capital of Hong Kong-invested enterprises.


(3)   For those enterprises without a real operation office in Qianhai, their registered address will be provided by Shenzhen Qianhai Commerce Secretariat Co., Ltd. At present, Qianhai registered address provided by Shenzhen Qianhai Commerce Secretariat Co., Ltd. is free of charge and valid for 3 months for newly incorporated enterprises. The validity will be 1 year after extension of service.


(4)   According to the new regulations, those enterprises without a real operation office in Qianhai shall provide a Shenzhen Real Property Ownership Certificate or the leasing certificate issued by Shenzhen house leasing administration authority as the proof of their real operation office when they apply for company incorporation, change and extension to Shenzhen Qianhai Commerce Secretariat  Co., Ltd. The tenancy period of the leasing certificate must be one year or above and the rental space must be 5 square meters or above. The leasing certificate shall still be valid at the time of application.