Introduction to Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park

The Zhongguancun Science Park, the first hi-tech one at the state level, is composed of the Haidian Development Area, Fengtai Development Area, Changping Development Area, Electronics Town Science and Technology Development Area, and Yizhuang Science and Technology Development Area. It is currently home to 8,000 enterprises armed with new technology. There are 180 enterprises whose income on technological transfer and trade each surpasses 100 million Yuan, over 1,400 foreign-funded enterprises, 43 out of Top 500 in the world, R&D institutions run by Microsoft, IBM, Motorola and 20 other multinational corporations, and about 1,200 enterprises launched by more than 3,600 fellows who studied abroad. Lenovo (Legend), Founder and some other enterprises,who represent the image of hi-tech enterprises of modern China, have also set up businesses in Zhongguancun Science Park.

In terms of the income from technological trade, added value, tax payments to the State and export value, Zhongguancun Science Park’s ranking among the 53 hi-tech Development Areas in China raises with each passing year. Its contribution to Beijing’s industrial economic growth stays over 60% for many years running.

Haidian Development Area of Zhongguancun Science Park
Its predecessor being the Beijing New Technology Industrial Development Experimentary Zone, the Haidian Development Area is composed of the Central Section of 75 km2 with Zhongguancun at its core and the Development Section of over 300 km2. The Haidian Development Area is composed of seven sub-debelopment areas, including Zhongguancun Western Zone, Zhongguancun Software Development Area, Tsinghua Science and Technology Development Area, PKU Science and Technology Development Area, Zhongguancun Life Science Development Area, Shangdi Information Industrial Base, and Yongfeng High and New Technology Industrial Base.

The Haidian Development Area, situated in Haidian District filled with scientific and technological atmosphere, is an area khe Haidian Development Area, situated in Haidian District filled with scientific and technologicnown for high science and technology not only in China but also in the world at large. It is home to 68 universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University, over 280 places offering study for Ph.D degrees, and more than 230 independent scientific research institutions at the national and municipal level such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS: . It has 380,000 scientific and technological workers and CAS and CAE members who account for 36% of the total number in China. Blessed with advantages in the four fields-scientific researchers and technological workers, advanced instruments and meters, books and information, and scientific research fruits, the Development Area is known as Chinese ¡§Silicon Valley. ¡¨

The Development Area boasts sound municipal works and infrastructural facilities, and a good service system in the fields of investment, guarantee, consultancy, education and training, and property right transactions. At present, the number of enterprises in the Development Area has reached 7,000. Enterprise groups known for high technology, represented by Lenovo, Founder, Tsinghua Tongfang, have come into being. The Development Area remains high in various economic indexes and it leads other high and new technological areas in China in economic might.

>>Zhongguancun Western Zone: The zone, located in the core area of Zhongguancun, covers an area of 0.51 km2. It is designated to be a hi-tech business center and boasts such functions as finance, scientific and technological trade, scientific and technological convention and exhibition, and is complete with supportive service facilities such as stores, hotels, recreational centers and huge plots of lawns. It is home to hi-tech enterprises, headquarters of large corporations and hi-tech industrial management organs, as well as numerous financial institutions, investment organs, lawyer’s offices, accountant’s offices, and management and consulting companies.

>>Zhongguancun Software Development Area: The Development Area, located in Dongbeiwang Township in Haidian District, covers an area of 1.19km2. It is composed of the Software R&D Zone and Enterprise Incubation and Comprehensive Management and Service Zone. It is an internationally top-notch software Development Area that integrates software development, enterprise incubation and exhibition of software development fruit with personnel training and comprehensive management and service. It is China’s largest state-level software research and development center and concurrently a window on Beijing’s economic development and scientific and technological level.

>>Zhongguancun Life Science Development Area: The Development Area, located inside the Zhongguancun Science Park, covers an area of 2.54 km2. Its first-phase construction covers an area of 1.31 km2. It is a Development Area that integrates life science research, enterprise incubation, production, research fruit appraisal, display of biological technological projects, venture capital, international exchanges, and personnel training. Construction of the Development Area’s environment, infrastructure and supportive facilities is carried out all in accordance with the internationally advanced standards and norms. Thus far, the State Biological Chips Engineering Research Center and seven other biological research institutes belonging to the State 863 Project have entered the Development Area and follow the management system unique to companies.

>>Tsinghua Science and Technology Development Area: The Development Area, located at the southeastern part of Tsinghua University, covers an area of 0.22 km2. It is an enterprise incubation base, personnel training base and the base through which scientific research fruits are applied to production. Close to 20 hi-tech enterprises of universities, such as Tsinghua Tongfang, Tsinghua Ziguang and Chengzhi Shareholding, which float stocks in the market, took the lead to enter the Development Area. It has also attracted Procter & Gamble, Legato AlphaStor Schlumberger and some other Top 500 in the world as well as more than 200 hi-tech enterprises from Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong and Shanghai to settle in the Development Area.

>>PKU Science and Technology Development Area: The Development Area is divided into the Eastern, Southern and Western Sections. The Eastern Section covers an area of 0.2 km2 and the Southern Section 0.13 km2. Construction of the Western Section is still being planned. As one of the university science and technology Development Areas set up in the state earlier than others, the Development Area is also the largest in size, highest in output value and numerically superior in number of enterprises which have settled in a university Development Area. Enterprises run by Peking University or those with property ties with Peking University make up more than half of the enterprises settled in the Development Area; and upwards of 80% are hi-tech ones. They are mainly involved in the fields of electronic, information, biological pharmaceuticals, optics-machinery-electronics integration, new materials, new energy, and environmental science.

>>Shangdi Information Industrial Base: The Base is a comprehensive hi-tech industrial one with information industry as the major business, integrating with scientific research and development, production, marketing, technical training and service. It is divided into the Southern and Northern Sections, with the Southern Section covering 1.81 km2 and the Northern Section (an extension of the Southern Section) occupying 0.51 km2. Thus far, the Base has completed construction in the nine aspectsroads, rain water drainage pipes, sewage pipes, tap water pipes, supply of power, telecommunications, thermal heat, natural gas and broad band. The Base mainly develops IT industry. Major enterprises that have settled in the Base include Lenovo, Inner Mongolian Hi-Tech Enterprise Launching Center, Yunnan Baiyao Group, US Annalo (China) Co. and Haidian Returned Students Industrial Development Area.

>>Yongfeng High and New Technology Industrial Base: The Base is to cover an area of 4.54 km2 and divided into four industrial production sections, one public service central district and one living quarters. Necessary infrastructural facilities have been built to attract mainly those involved in the fields of nano materials, information technology, bioengineering and new medicine, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, optics-machinery-electronics integration, space technology, and some others that produce good economic benefits, high added scientific and technological value, and high technological industries that are technology intensive and environmentally friendly.

Fengtai Development Area of Zhongguancun Science Park
The Development Area is one of the first group of scientific and technological Industrial Development Areas China opened to APEC. It is also a pilot IBI (International Business Incubation) unit. Thus far, a total of over 1,500 enterprises have entered the Development Area to form a hi-tech industrial belt in southwestern Beijing, a belt that engages mainly in optics-machinery-electronics integration, electronic information, biological medicine and environmental protection projects.

The Fengtai Development Area is composed of three parts: Industrial Base, Scientific and Technological Street, and Scientific and Technological Incubation Network.

The Industrial Base covers an area of 5 km2. The first-phase construction of 1.24 km2 has been completed and over 1,500 enterprises have been set up there. Construction of the second phase, covering an area of 1.65 km2, is in full swing.

The combination of sound infrastructural facilities and good service system makes this Development Area a hot spot for investment. Currently, it has lured in about 80 hi-tech enterprises including Beijing Bell, Beifang Huawei, Dongda Alpine, Xiaotong Chuangxin Network, Shuanghe Pharmaceutical Equipment, China Huadian, Zhongcheng Shareholding, Zhongkeng Shareholding, Jinzi Tianzheng and Yanhua Gaoxing.

The Scientific and Technological Street features collection and distribution of scientific and technological products of the Development Area and, at the same time, space for enterprise incubation.

The Scientific and Technological Incubation Network is a major organ of the Fengtai Development Area,set up to support development of small and medium-sized enterprises.Currently it has built up 4 centers. The Kechuang Building, IBI Center, Sai’o Science Development Area Incubation Center, and Software IBI Center.

Changping Development Area of Zhongguancun Science Park
The Changping Development Area is planned to cover an area of 5 km2. It is home to a 113-MW heat supply factory, a 30000-KVA shutter station, a 4800-line program-controlled telephone exchange, 100,000 square meters of factory premises and commodity housing, and 19000 square meters of service buildings. In the Development Area are five pillar business sectorsiological medicine, electronic information, environmental science, development of new materials, and modern manufacturing. The Development Area has attracted some internationally famous companies such as Novartis, Toyota, Fujitsu. It has also attracted about 1,300 domestically famous companies such as the China Electronic Information Industrial Group, 999 Pharmaceuticals, Zhongke Sanhuan, CITIC Guoan, Beijing Shareholding, Yunnan Hongta, Yantai Wanhua and Antai Gangyan.

The Changping Development Area engages in scientific research, experimentation and production, and seeks hi-tech industrialization and collectivization. It has become a base mainly engaged in the research and development of bioengineering and new medicine, environmental protection, electronic information, new materials, and modern manufacturing. Four IBI devices were put into operation in the Changping Development Area, and a dozen investment companies, and service organs are working to provide various enterprises with services in financing, law, insurance, auditing and human resources.

Electronics Town Science and Technology Development Area of Zhongguancun Science Park
The Electronics Town Science and Technology Development Area is a major part of the Zhongguancun Science Park. It is a multi-functional and comprehensive hi-tech Development Area engaged mainly in the development of electronic information industry.

Located at Jiuxianqiao in eastern Beijing, the Development Area covers an area of 10.5 km2 and is an electronic industrial base enjoying state support in investment. It is home to about 200 backbone enterprises, 39 foreign-funded enterprises, 4 state-class electronic research institutions, and 5 electronics colleges. These form a hi-tech industrial group composed mainly of software, communication, display, color kinescope, digital AV products and new-type components businesses.

Yizhuang Science and Technology Development Area of Zhongguancun Science Park
The Yizhuang Science and Technology Development Area is located inside the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. Covering an area of 7km2, the Development Area is skirted by an expressway in the northeast. As an advanced industrial Development Area, it is able to provide enterprises entering the Development Area with standard workshops. Designed to be environment friendly ,it is geared to absorb industrial projects, which are high in technological intensity and added value, low in energy consumption, land occupation, and consumption of water and materials; The western part of the Development Area is the living quarters with comfortable environment. The Development Area provides investors with a favorable investment environment complete with investment service center, bank, insurance, taxation, industrial and commercial administration, import and export, customs, commodity inspection, bonded warehousing and other service organs.