Hong Kong Company Maintenance and Compliance Guide (3) – Change of Name

1. General Requirement on Company Name

The name of a Hong Kong company could be in English only or Chinese only or in both English and China. If the name is in English, it must be ended with “Limited”, and if in Chinese, be ended with “有限公司”.

2. What is Change of Name?
The change of English name changes of Chinese name, addition of English name or addition of Chinese name are all regarded as change of company name and must go through the same procedures.

3. Procedures for Change of Name

To effect a change in the name of a company (which includes the adoption or abandonment of a formal English or a Chinese version of the name):

(1) the shareholders must approve of the change in name by special resolution
(2) the new name must then be registered with the Registrar.

It normally takes about 10 working days from the time of the filing of the specified form giving notice of the change of name for the certificate of change of name to be issued. The change in name is effective from the date on such certificate.

4. Procedures after Change of Name

After the Company receipt the Certificate on Change of Name from the Companies Registry, it should notify the Business Registration Office (of the Inland Revenue Department) to obtain a new Business Registration Certificate bearing the new company name.

Also, the Company should order a new common seal and adopt the new seal as common seal of the Company by a ordinary resolution.