Guide to Applying for “Working Visa” in Beijing China

  1. Introduction

This guide provides an overview of the matters relating to application of working visa / Z Visa (officially named as Alien Employment Permit and Residence Permit in China) for a foreigner who intends to work in Beijing, China. The requirements, procedures and other matters associated with such application are hereby presented as a reference for Kaizen’s current and potential clients.

  1. Application Procedures

Step 1: Health Examination;

Step 2: Apply for Alien Employment License;

Step 3: Apply for Z Visa (working visa) Invitation Letter;

Step 4: Apply for Z entry Visa;

Step 5: Apply for Alien Employment Permit;

Step 6: Apply for Residence Permit

For Step 4, the foreign applicant needs to apply for a Z entry visa with Chinese Embassy or Consulate located in his/her resident country.

  1. Documents/Materials Required
  • Business License of the Beijing employer company Duplicate (Original);
  • Certificate of Approval of the Beijing employer company (original);
  • One set of Articles of Association of the Beijing employer company (copy);
  • Enterprise Code Certificate of the Beijing employer company (copy);
  • Company seal of the Beijing employer company;
  • The applicant’s original diploma (Bachelor’s degree or above, a Chinese translated version is required if the diploma is in foreign language. Translation shall be done by translation company in Beijing.);
  • Proof of two years working experience in the related filed (It is usually a job reference letter issued by the applicant’s previous employers). The letter should be printed on the letterhead of the employer company and should be signed by person in charge & affixed with the seal of the company. Translation shall be done by translation company in Beijing in case the letter is in foreign language.
  • The resume of the applicant starting from 18 years old. A translated Chinese version is required if the resume is drafted in foreign language;
  • 4 pieces of passport-sized photo of the applicant with light blue or white background;
  • 2 sets of Health Check Report issued by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Authority;
  • Certificate of Non-criminal Record/Good Conduct;
  • A written application stating the reasons why the applicant shall be employed and the position of the foreign employee; (We could help to draft this document based on the information provided);
  • Director’s Resolution if the employee is in management level; (We could help to draft this document based on the information provided);
  • Employment Contract signed between Beijing employer company and the applicant;
  • The valid passport of the applicant;
  • Temporary Resident Registration Form.
  1. Time Frame

It will take around two months to complete all the application procedures.

  1. Valid Period and Renewal

The working visa / Z Visa is normally valid for one year and can be renewed for a same valid term sixty days before the expiry date.

For legal representative of a Beijing company, it is possible to apply for working visa / Z Visa with two-year validity.

  1. Application Service

Although it is not compulsory for professional agent companies to handle the application procedures under the PRC laws, it is advisable to engage professional human resource service providers to assist for the application process considering the complicated procedures and various Chinese government authorities involved during the application.