Guide to Applying for Work & Residence Permit in Beijing China

  1. Introduction

This guide provides an overview of the matters relating to application of Beijing Green Card (officially named as Beijing Work & Residence Permit) for a non-Beijing citizen who works and lives in Beijing, China. The privileges enjoyed by the Permit holder, the requirements, the documents required, and other matters associated with such application are hereby presented as a reference for Kaizen’s current and potential clients.

  1. Privileges of the Beijing Green Card Holder
  • No temporary schooling management fees will be charged for the holder’s children to go to nursery, primary and secondary school in Beijing;
  • The Holder can purchase the commodity apartment, the approved for sale public house and stock house in in Beijing and the Holder can also buy the affordable housing according to related regulations;
  • According to the regulated regulations of Public Security Department, the eligible holder can apply for exiting from the country on private business;
  • The holder can apply for the Driving license or Interim Driving license and motor vehicle registration;
  • The holder can set up company in Beijing, and can apply for the accreditation for the transformation projects of new and high-tech achievements and science and technology project funding;
  • The holder can be included in the talent cultivation plan of the city and can participate in the Appraise of Talent and Expert Rewarding Program;
  • The holder can participate in the qualification test of the specialty technology title, the practice (professional) test, and practice (professional) qualification registration;
  • The holder can participate in the Basic Pension Insurance and the Urban Employee Basic Medical Insurance of the city and can deposit and use the housing fund in the city according to related regulations.
  1. Requirements on Qualification

For the Applicant

The applicant’s major or job belongs to the much-needed major or job of Beijing, and meanwhile the applicant needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant should be continuous employed by an eligible company for more than 6 months;
  • The applicant should have more than two years working experience and have achieved the Bachelor’s degree or above, or have the intermediate leave specialty technology title or above or the equivalent qualifications;
  • The applicant has a fixed residency in Beijing;
  • The male shall be no more than 60 years old and female shall be no more than 55 years old.

For the Employer Company

Enterprises and institutions, private non-enterprise entities, and social associations with qualification of legal entity and unincorporated branches that set up by companies from foreign countries (regions) or other cities of China can apply for the Beijing Work & Residence Permit for their employees (the number of the Beijing Work & Residence Permit that the unincorporated branches can apply shall be no more than 5).

  1. Documents/Materials Required
  • Enterprise Code Certificate of the Beijing employer company Duplicate (Original);
  • The Beijing employer company’s basic information, main business activities, the operation and taxation situation of the last year, the staff size, etc.;
  • The applicant’s recent colorful bareheaded photo of one-inch size (one digital photo and three printed pieces);
  • Employment contract (Original);
  • The Beijing residence proof of the applicant (the property ownership certificate or the purchase contact of the self-owned house or the lease agreement and tax-paid proof of a rented house);
  • The applicant’s ID card and the first page and personal page of the Household Register;
  • The applicant’s original diploma and certificate of specialty technology title;
  • The applicant’s individual income tax paid proof of recent half year;
  • The applicant’s continuous social security payments proof of recent half year;
  • Other materials required by the Beijing Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security.
  1. Time Frame

It will take around 30 working days to get the Work & Residence Permit after the application documents are successfully submitted

  1. Valid Period and Renewal

The Work & Residence is valid for three years. It can be renewed one month before the expiry date for those holders who will be kept employed. The Beijing Work & Residence will naturally void if not be renewed one month after the expiry date.

  1. Application Service

Although it is not compulsory for professional agent companies to handle the application procedures under the PRC laws, it is advisable to engage professional human resource service providers to assist for the application process considering the complicated procedures and various documents involved during the application.