FAQs – Singapore Property Tax

  1. Who is liable for Singapore Property Tax?
  • Property tax is a tax on properties in Singapore. All types of properties including Govt. HDB flats, factories, offices and vacant land are subject to tax.
  • If you or your business owns property, you must pay property tax.
  1. What are the property tax rates in Singapore?
  • The amount of property tax you have to pay per year is a percentage of the Annual Value of the property. The Annual Value is the estimated yearly rent the property can fetch if it were rented out.
  • The tax rate for owner-occupied residential property is 4% per year. The tax rate for all other properties is 10%.

Tip: If you are using your residential home as an office, you pay 4% property tax if you (a) own the home and (b) live in the home.

  1. Are There Any Rebates, Relief’s or Refunds?
  • To help keep taxes affordable, encourage certain types of land development and meet business needs, the Government gives out rebates, relief’s and refunds to property owners.
  • For instance, if your property has been continuously vacant for at least 30 days or 1 calendar month because of repairs or the inability to find a tenant, you can claim for a refund of property tax for that period.