Estimated Time Frame for Registration of Taiwan Branch Office by a Foreign Company

It is estimated that the whole registration process would take around 6-8 months. The table below shows the estimated time frame for each of the steps for the registration process.

Step Description Who is Responsible Working Days
1 Legalization of identification documents of the head office Investor Investor’s schedule
2 Lease of office and execution of tenancy (lease) agreement Investor Investor’s schedule
3 Other documents Investor Investor’s schedule
Application for Registration
4 Perform name available search Kaizen 5
5 Application for Approval from Ministry Of Economic Affairs, R.O.C Kaizen 10
6 Opening bank account Kaizen 7
7 Contribution and remittance of operating funds of the branch office Investor  
8 Application for Business License (營利核准) Kaizen 7
Post Registration Procedures
9 Perform State Tax Registration(國稅局稅籍登記) Kaizen 7
10 Application for Approval and Carving of Company Seals Kaizen 3
11 Application for registration with the Bureau of Foreign Trade (optional)