China’s Current Tax System – Resource Tax

(1) Taxpayers

The taxpayers of Resource Tax include all units and individuals engaged in the exploitation of mineral resources or production of salt prescribed in the Resource Tax Regulations within the territory “of the People’ s Republic of China.

(2) Taxable items and tax rates

Table of Resource Tax Taxable Items and Tax Amount per Unit

Taxable items Tax amount per unit
1. crude oil 8-30yuan per ton
2. natural gas 2-15 yuan per 1000 cubic metres
3. coal 0.3-5 yuan per ton
4. other non-metal ores 0.5-20 yuan per ton or per cubic metre
5. ferrous metal ores 2-30 yuan per ton
6. non-ferrous metal ores 0.4-30 yuan per ton
7. salt

(1) solid salt

(2) liquid salt

10-60 yuan per ton

2-10 yuan per ton

(3) Computation of tax payable

The amount of Resource Tax payable is based on the quantity of the taxable products by applying the applicable tax amount per unit. The formula is:
Tax payable = Quantity of taxable products x Applicable tax amount per unit

(4) The main tax reductions and exemptions

a. Crude oil used for heating or repairing wells in the course of exploiting crude oil may be exempt;
b. For taxpayers suffering huge losses due to such reasons as accidents or natural disasters in the course of exploiting or producing taxable products, tax reduction or exemption may be given by taking into consideration the seriousness of the situation;
c. The Resource Tax payable on iron ores and on the non-ferrous metal ores by independent mines may be reduced.