China’s Current Tax System – House Property Tax

(1) Taxpayers

House Property Tax is levied in cities, county capitals, townships and industrial and mining districts. Taxpayers are owners of house property, operational and managerial units of house property, mortgagees, custodians and users of house property (excluding enterprises with foreign investment, foreign enterprises and foreigners).

(2) Tax base, tax rates and computation of tax payable

Two different rates are applied to two different cases: in one case where the tax base is the residual value after the subtraction of 10% to 30% of the original value from the original value of the property, the tax rate is 1.2% ; in the other case where the tax base is the rental income from the property, the rate is 12%. The formula for calculating House Property Tax payable is:

Tax payable =Tax base x Applicable rate

(3) Major exemptions

House Property Tax may be exempt on the house property for the own use of State organs, people’ s organizations and the armed forces; the house property for the own use of institutions whose operating funds are allocated by State finance departments; the house property for the own use of religious temples and shrines, parks and places of historic interest and scenic beauty; the house property owned by individuals for non-business use; and the damaged houses and perilous houses verified as being out of use by relevant department.