Ready-made, or “shelf” companies are IBC’s, already incorporated by us and available for immediate purchase. Shelf companies have not done any business, have not entered into any dealings or obligations whatsoever. As the name suggests, the incorporation documents of these IBC’s have been kept “on the shelf” in our office, without any practical usage whatsoever. By choosing a shelf company over a new incorporation several benefits can be achieved:

 especially quick delivery times can be achieved, because the incorporation process has already been completed;
 an IBC with an older registration date may be acquired, which may be useful by adding a certain “age” and, therefore, respectability to the IBC;
 there is no need to go through the frustrating task of thinking-up an original company name, as one can choose from an existing list and perhaps find a suitable name without much thinking.

For more information, please read the important notes at the bottom of this page.

Please click here to view the shelf Belize IBC’s available as of today.



1. The shelf companies with a registration date indicated are already registered. They already exist as legal entities and are available for immediate purchase.

2. The company names marked as “pending” or “approved” – these names have been approved for incorporation by the Belize Registry of Companies, but the incorporation process is not yet completed. It is merely an indication that such IBC (and such name) may shortly be available.

3. Ordering a ready-made (shelf) IBC does not necessarily mean that the documents will be shipped out immediately! If You are a new client, the usual Due Diligence / Know Your Client process will still have to be completed, and payment will have to be received. This will usually take additional time.

4. A shelf IBC usually has an “open” configuration. This means, that it’s internal structure can still be customized to clients’ needs. A shelf IBC would still need the directors to be appointed, shares allocated, the respective internal Registers drawn up, documents notarized and apostilled, etc. These post-incorporation works are only carried out after a client’s order is received for purchase of that IBC. The post-incorporation procedures take additional time.

5. The documents of a shelf IBC are not certified by notary or legalized by apostille. These certifications are normally required in order to make the IBC documents acceptable outside Belize. If you need those certifications (usually, you will need them), an additional day or two need to be counted in for processing. The timeframe for notarizations and apostilles does not depend so much on us, but on the respective notarial and government offices, their opening hours and workload.

6. All-in-all, choosing a shelf company may save you between 24 and 72 hours out of normal incorporation time for a new Belize IBC. However, the final preparation of the company before shipment (as described above) may still take anywhere between one and four business days, depending on the details of Your order, and on the receipt of the respective due diligence information and the payment.

7. IMPORTANT! For a shelf IBC, the next annual renewal payment (Government duty, Registered Agent, Registered Address and other annual maintenance fees if applicable) may become due and payable much sooner than for a brand-new incorporation! This is due to the period of time that has already elapsed since the initial incorporation of the shelf company (the time, which the company actually spent “on shelf”). Therefore, a purchaser of a shelf IBC may receive it¡¦s next annual renewal bill much sooner as compared to a new registration.

8. A purchaser of a shelf company will be required to cover the standard annual maintenance fees for the full elapsed period of time since the initial registration of the company. This becomes especially important at purchase of “vintage” companies – companies older than 1 year at the date of purchase. “Vintage” companies will be substantially more expensive than new incorporations! This is because all previously accrued annual maintenance fees will have to be covered by the buyer. Therefore, we suggest You pay a special attention to the date of incorporation of the chosen company. Unless You REALLY need an “old” company, buying a recent incorporation or a new incorporation will definitely be less expensive.

9. We strongly discourage all clients from entering into any business dealings in the name of their offshore companies before the original documents are safely received. We will not accept any responsibility for possible loss or damages due to the fact that the client has put the IBC through any transactions without yet having the proper documentation on hand.