Thailand Company Incorporation Package #1

Business Operation in Thailand


Company Registration

There are certain types of business which are restricted or prohibited for foreigners to carry on in Thailand including service business. Using Thai inactive shareholders to hold majority shares in a company is the alternative mostly used where a foreigner engages in these restricted or prohibited businesses. The Thai shareholders will hold a majority of 51% shares in the company to make the company to be Thai. This company will then be able to engage in businesses as if it was a Thai national.


Government Fees

 The government fee is calculated based on the amount of the registered capital at the amount of approximately US$ 300 per Baht 1,000,000 registered capital. The fee is paid only one time.


After the registration is completed, the company status will remain for an unlimited period, until the cancellation of such company is registered. Therefore, there is no renewal fee payable for the company registered in Thailand.


There is no government fee payable for the registration of the tax identification card and VAT registration.


Professional Fees

 The fee set out below applies to the registration of a company. This fee is also paid at one time as there is no yearly renewal required for a Thai company.

Description Amount (US$)
Incorporation of a limited company

Service fee for the registration of a private limited company using standard form articles of association prepared by the Thai Ministry of Commerce:

The services cover all process including:

·         name reservation;

·         being promoters of the company;

·         being shareholders of the company to meet the requirement on the minimum number of shareholders (holding one share for each nominated shareholder);

·         certifying signatures of the company’s directors by a lawyer (required by Thai Ministry of Commerce);

·         publishing the notice calling for the statutory meeting in a newspaper;

·         preparation of all registration documents including memorandum and articles of association and incorporation of the company;

·         registration of directors of the company; and

applying for tax ID card of the company.

Preparation of documents for opening bank account 425
Registration of VAT (where required) 300
Disbursement Not included


The fee set out in the table above does not include VAT and government fee.

Maintenance of the Company

There are some fees chargeable on the maintenance of the company. These fees apply only where clients use our services.


Description Amount (US$)
Fee for being Thai shareholders holding majority of 51% shares (charged on annual basis)

* All shares must be fully paid up, otherwise we will not provide this service.

1,500  per annum
Fee for provision of registered office and (charged on annual basis) 650 per annum
Corporate secretarial services 450 per annum
Service fee for accounting matters (such as monthly tax filing) and certify the monthly account by certified accountant Depends
Service fee for preparation of financial statement at the end of the fiscal year and auditing of the financial statement Depends


Payment Term and Payment Methods

Upon receipt of your order, we will issue an invoice to you for your settlement. We require full payment in advance.


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