Our Taiwan Audit Services

According to the Taiwan Company Law, when the Taiwan company have a certain business scale, they will have a certain impact on overall society. Therefore, the company with certain business scale shall engage a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to perform the audit and certification of financial statements. By going through the auditing and the certification of the financial statements will support the quality of the accounting information and increase the credibility of the financial statements.

Guided by the principle of independence, Kaizen Accounting Firm provides audit reports that meet the auditing standards issued by the Taiwan Certified Public Accountants Associations and provides audit opinions on the authenticity and equity of financial statements and accounting records, as well as the consistency of accounting process. Kaizen can provide management proposal in which to list out the existing critical problems, with improvement plan, references and suggestions, if required.

Kaizen could provide our clients with a business assessment based on their financial statements and accounting statements. Kaizen CPA has extensive audit experience in multiple industries, and they could provide suggestion and advice on the operation of your business. Kaizen could provide the following services:

Financial Statement Audit

Assessing, Certifying and Consulting about the Financial Statements

  • Profit-seeking Income Tax Return

Special Purpose Audit


  • Computer Auditing
  • Internal Control Project Reviewing Service
  • Profit Prediction Audit
  • Review of the Company Annual Report and Public Information
  • Check out the Information related with the Litigation
  • Counseling and Planning Service for the Public Listed Company
  • Checking for the Mergers and Acquisition of Corporation
  • Audit services for Corporations, Charities and Other Institutions
  • CPA Verification Report
  • Special Audit Based on the Requirement of the Managerial Level
  • Due Diligence