Hong Kong Representative Office Registration Package #HKRO01

This package is suitable for foreign company that intends set up a representative office in Hong Kong for the purposes of marketing search and development and contact with the suppliers and customers.

1. Hong Kong Representative Office Registration Package – Scope of Services

Our fees, inclusive of official registration fee, for the establishment of a Representative Office in Hong Kong is HKD 6,200, including:
(1) Application for Business Registration Certificate;
(2) The first year business registration fee;
(3) Provision of business address in Hong Kong for one year;
(4) Receiving and forwarding the Government mails by Airmail;
(5) Prepare the stamp for the Representative Office.

Note: The fees stated above does not include courier fee, if any.

2. Estimated Time Frame

The incorporation process will take around 3 working days, starting from the day Kaizen receive the duly signed application documents.

3. Required Documents and Materials

Before submit the registration of Hong Kong Representative Office, clients are required to provide the following documents:

(1) A certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
(2) A copy of passport of the Representative office’s director;
(3) A residential address proof of the Representative office’s director.
4. Payment Term and Payment Methods

Upon receipt your order, Kaizen will issue an invoice for your settlement. Kaizen will require full payment in advance. Kaizen currently only accept check, cash or TT and credit card through PayPal. If the payment is making by PayPal, Kaizen will charge for 5% handling fee.

If China or Taiwan official tax invoice is required, we will charge the Value-Added Tax or Business Tax at the prevailing rate in the respective jurisdiction.

5. Important Note

A representative office is not allowed engaging in revenue generating business activities. If the investors intend to carry out direct business activities in Hong Kong, they shall consider setting up a limited company or a branch office.