Audit and Assurance Services

Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit is a kind of compulsory auditing required by law of the jurisdiction where a company is registered. For example, the Chinese company law requires that a foreign invested enterprise should engage a firm of practising accountants in China to perform an audit of its annual financial reports. Also, in accordance with Hong Kong “Companies Ordinance”, a company limited shares registered in Hong Kong shall appoint Certified Public Accountants to conduct auditing every year. The auditor shall conduct auditing on the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and relevant receipts according to the auditing standards. They shall also comment on whether the accounting system formulated by the enterprise complies with the GAAP and its effectiveness in the actual application process.

Guided by the principle of independence, the audit team of Kaizen provides annual auditor’s reports that meet the auditing standards for the enterprise, and provides audit opinions on the authenticity and equity of financial statements and accounting records, as well as the consistency of accounting process. We can provide management proposal in which to list out the existing critical problems, with improvement plan, references and suggestions, if required.

Special Purpose Audit (Assurance)

Nowadays, the business environment is getting increasingly complicated, enterprises may need to conduct special purpose audit due to different operational reasons in order to satisfy different management goals and needs. Kaizen is experienced in auditing of different purposes for various industries. We can provide reliable evidences for the investors by the auditing and professional advice provided by the auditors.

Pursuant to our clients’ requirement and needs, we will provide the special audits as follows:

  • audit the accounts of proprietorship and partnership
  • evaluate the strength and weakness of the company’s internal operation
  • control system and stock-taking system
  • prepare due diligent report for merger and acquisition
  • revaluation for assets value and operational efficiency
  • Special audits in connection with litigation
  • Audit and evaluation of business to be acquired or disposed
  • Audit of financial reports of charity organizations, owners’ corporation and other organizations